the dollars (ダラーズ)- an online group where anyone is allowed to join, but only through invitations. the dollars are regarded as a “color gang without a color” and have garnered a rather fierce reputation around ikebukuro. the name is actually derived from the Japanese term “dara dara,” roughly translating to “useless” and “not doing anything.”

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The official Dai Gyakuten Saiban site has gotten a makeover to match this week’s news!

In addition to bringing some screenshots and art, the site states a new trailer for the game will be revealed a week from today.

The site also provides the following character profiles:

Ryuunosuke Naruhodou: The protagonist of the game. A student at one of Japan’s imperial universities in its capitol, a certain case pushed him to become an attorney. In order to learn the ways of the new justice system, he takes his burning sense of justice in hand and transfers to England.
Susato Mikotoba: A young woman who works as a legal assistant supporting Ryuunosuke due to ‘certain circumstances’. A progressive, foreign-mystery-novel-loving Yamato Nadeshiko.
Sherlock Holmes: The world’s most famous detective. Though his skills of observation and deduction are incredible, he occasionally goes too far into the realm of speculation - a veritable “Reasoning Rampage”. The meeting between the great detective and the rookie attorney will bring a grand turnabout down on England’s courts.
Iris Watson: A young girl living with Holmes. Although she’s only 8 years old, she holds a medical degree and is the author of the extremely popular novel series “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.” Some say her skills of deduction surpass even Holmes’…

will be at Oz Comic Con tmr ~

wow i really haven’t posted for a long time ahahaha OTL

haven’t been on tumblr much either ah… been wasting most of my time reading manga and fics, watching anime gaming among other things instead hahahahah. i’m sorry, but i won’t be using tumblr often anymore other than the occasional reblogs or posts like this.

anyway, yup, i’ll be at Brisbane’s OzCon tmr. couldnt make it today cos was volunteering for the Bris Writers Fest.

please do say hi if you’re there. spot the short girl in light blue-grey jeans, grey high tops with a black haversack that had many badges pinned on. i guess the most prominent thing would be the Domo-kun beanie i’ll be wearing 8)

will probably be more awkward than you are so ahahahah OTL

well… have a good day tmr guys (:


The trash in which Kaneki throws

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IM A FEW MINUTES LATE according to Brisbane time, BUT I’M STILL ON-TIME FOR JAPAN so it’s all good. but this was on instagram and twitter long before here so yes. 
Happy Birthday A(h)omine Daiki ~ 誕生日おめでとう!

IM A FEW MINUTES LATE according to Brisbane time, BUT I’M STILL ON-TIME FOR JAPAN so it’s all good. but this was on instagram and twitter long before here so yes. 

Happy Birthday A(h)omine Daiki ~ 誕生日おめでとう!

Aokaga fanfic: Happy Birthday, Ahomine


yep, this is late as well, whoops. finished it slightly after the the day itself too HAHA. sorry aomine. happy belated birthday to you too.

not as satisfied with this as i am for kagami’s birthday one. dammit.

Chp 1 (Kagami’s birthday) here. both can be read as one-shots.

really tried to tie these 2 fics together, like how they would be extremely similar, but different. just like aomine and kagami. does that even make sense?! OTL 

thank you Kaagehide, Nightmaric and Kyriln for helping to beta 8)

been working on trying to improve my writing. comments and reviews would be great please ~

Title: AhoBaka Birthday - Chp 2 ( (AO3)

Series: Kuroko no Basuke

Characters: Aomine/Kagami (with scheming matchmaker, Kuroko)

Rating: M - for language and very slight m/m action

Genre: Humor, Romance

Summary: Kagami thought he was ready for Aomine’s birthday…but Aomine’s as unpredictable as always.

Disclaimer: I only own the effort to write this down and my imagination of how the story plays out.

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"You scared me, little man—"


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Hey, Rin. Do you remember our dreams from back then?

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  • Everyone: 1 hour = 60 minutes
  • Me: 1 hour = three anime episodes

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do you ever feel like Ashikiba Takuto

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If you feel ugly, remind yourself that ghouls probably think you’re delicious

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